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Keeping Your Car in Top Shape

The highest priority when handling auto repair is whether the vehicle can run or not, but after you’ve met that mark the question is how well you can run it. There are many ways you can invest in the performance of your car. But many of them can be unnecessary or more expensive than they are worth. For example, you may hear that buying premium fuel will help your engine perform better, but the difference is so small and takes a long time to manifest that it may not be worth it for the amount you spend on it. The purpose of this guide is to give you the best tips for improving your vehicle’s performance without breaking your auto repair budget.

Reduce Weight

Your engine is at the front of the car usually, which means the inertia doesn’t follow through as much. This allows better stopping times. However, when you have extra luggage it can slow your car down by putting more strain on the engine by requiring more power to make a heavier car move the same speed, and distributing the weight around the car makes it harder to control and therefore takes longer to get going and stop. If you have those extra golf clubs in the back in case you go out on the range, you may want to put them somewhere else and bring them along only when you need them. Stocking water bottles in your trunk may help you stay hydrated, but you can restock them more frequently and in lesser amounts to keep down your car’s weight. This can help you get better handling and conserve on energy.

Invest In Tires

The most important thing to invest in for your car’s performance is without a doubt the tires. You may have nice expensive wheels and suspension but you generally won’t feel the difference without good tires. Also make sure your tires have proper pressure and fitting. If you’ve ever tried to do handiwork with gloves on that didn’t fit very well, that is what it’s like to drive on low quality tires. Invest in those since they’ll provide you great value over time with better auto performance and longer usage with less repairs.

Read Your Manual

No matter how much you improve your car’s performance, it won’t be at its best with improper operation. Learn as much as you can about your vehicle through your owner’s manual. Not only can you find the right specs that will help your car perform better such as what kind of oils it may prefer, but also it can teach you features and how your car works to optimize your performance.

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