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Handicap Vehicle Repair in Stevens Point, WI

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Advancements in technology have made handicap vehicles more accessible than ever. What was once an option for businesses and wealthy individuals has now become available for the masses. Today, those living with disabilities and those caring for individuals with disabilities can travel with comfort. At D&D Automotive, we want to make sure your handicap vehicle is always providing you and your passengers with the comfort and performance you expect. Our shop in Stevens Point, Wisconsin, is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and local expertise needed to service your vehicle. Our ASE Certified technicians can perform a variety of services specific to your handicap vehicle. Some of our services include installation of aides, lifts, ramps, and hand controls; equipment inspection; and repair, maintenance, and part replacement. We also back our services with a 4 Year / 48,000 Mile warranty, so you can feel confident that our team has your best interest at heart!

What is a Handicap Vehicle?

Handicap vehicles are specially designed to meet the needs of individuals dealing with disabilities. These vehicles are designed to keep the passenger comfortable and prevent any major adjustments to their health accommodations. Many of these vehicles are built with an increased interior size and a ramp or lift to accommodate wheelchairs, but they can be fitted with additional equipment based on individual needs. Handicap vehicles must also meet certain regulations set by the ADA to ensure the vehicle is properly equipped and safe for the road.

At our facility, we take the time to learn about your specific handicap vehicle, it’s driving history, usage, and more to ensure you’re getting the services you need. Our service advisors will explain all the services being performed on your vehicle and provide you with a full estimate before any service is done, so you’re not caught off guard by any surprises.

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Whether you live with a disability or are caring for a loved one, your handicap vehicle must always be performing at its best. Any problem could place you and your passengers in danger, and the team at D&D Automotive is committed to preventing that. Our shop in Stevens Point, Wisconsin, is specially equipped to ensure your vehicle is always performing at its best and safest. Our ASE Certified technicians utilize state-of-the-art equipment, services, and practices to maintain or fix any issue. Don’t compromise your vehicle’s performance and make sure it’s in the hands of certified professionals!

Schedule your next service by giving us a call at 715-344-6707 or visiting our shop on 2916 Minnesota Avenue. We’re right up the road from the Central Wisconsin Area Community Theater, and we look forward to working with you.